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Based in the DC Metro Area,
Jennifer is a classically trained
actor, choreographer, and one
of the top Pilates instructors
in the region.

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Currently in rehearsals for CHICAGO, The Musical at Keegan Theatre. I couldn't be more excited to return to Keegan and live my Cell Block Tango dream. Show opens in March! For all show and ticket information, click HERE

CHICAGO, The Musical
Reviews from Mack, Beth at Keegan Theatre earlier this year:

"Jennifer J. Hopkins is a scene stealer as Elizabeth Wright Macilwraith. She slinks across the stage like the serpent under the innocent flower, constricting each character in turn..."
-MD Theatre Guide

"Let’s talk about what’s great in this play: the incandescent performance of Jennifer Hopkins as Beth. She is fully committed to her character from the first moment of the edgy, sexy conversation between her and James Shaw which opens the play, and there is never a moment thereafter where we don’t know who she is. And who she is is complicated: a bundle of anxiety who is aroused by her own fear. She snarls and stalks, but is at the same time haunted. She is a ticking time bomb, set for sixty seconds. She, like several other characters, must make a rapid transition toward the end of the second Act, but she has laid her foundation from the get-go with her twitchy portrayal of this unique woman."
-DC Theatre Scene